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Salted caramel biscuit crumble

Application areas: for casual snacks, catering, baking, yoghurt, chocolate, home DIY, energy cereal bars, ice cream, etc.


Details Introduction

Rich caramelised cinnamon flavour, crunchy texture, sweet and salty combination

Unique recipe adds just the right amount of cinnamon flavour.

The caramel flavour lingers for a long time

Granule size: 2-4mm   

 Packing specification: 2.5kg*8/ctn.


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Zhengzhou Ronlida Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Unit 2, Building 7, Enterprise Park, High-tech Zone, Zhengzhou, China (at the crossroad between the Science Avenue and the West Fourth Ring Road)

Contact: Nancy&Gawin
Tel: +86-18595881087

E-Mail: coofood@126.com

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