It's the autumn Mirad feeling!!!!

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In autumn

Whether it's what you wear or what you eat, Murad is feeling extra ambient!

Here's how you can step into the autumn of Murad's caramel treats,

Classic Caramel Cookies

Product specification: 2-9mm / "2mm

Characteristics: Baked to produce a caramel flavour, rich flavour and crispy texture.

Application: Cold drinks, yoghurt, bakery and other industries.



Cold drink spraying

Caramel Cookies - Sprayed particles

2-4mm classic crispy caramel biscuits,



Cold drink coating

Caramel Cookies - Granules

Different sizes, distinctive granularity, mixing and stirring resistance.



Dessert & Afternoon Tea

A relaxing moment for dessert and afternoon tea,

Crispy and delicious, unique taste experience




The caramel is mixed with the yoghurt, the caramel flavour blends well with the yoghurt.

One sip and you're hooked - the perfect partner!

Casual baking

Any caramel flavour you want, it's there for you!


Zhengzhou Ronlida Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Unit 2, Building 7, Enterprise Park, High-tech Zone, Zhengzhou, China (at the crossroad between the Science Avenue and the West Fourth Ring Road)

Contact: Nancy&Gawin
Tel: +86-18595881087


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