Reduced sugar, not sweet, and a new healthy experience!!!!

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With the rise of the healthy light food concept, more and more consumers want to reduce their sugar intake and they prefer to buy sugar-free or reduced sugar products.



Biscuits with real added fruits

Compared with traditional berry flavoured biscuits

Reduced sugar, natural fruit jam, sweet and tart

Reduced sugar is healthier, and fresh and colourful.

There is more than one kind of cherry blossom powder in spring, there are also berries bring the sweet and sour like the first love.


Brownie Series



Brownie Pellets

Brownies are rich in flavour, with a crisp texture that lingers on the lips and teeth.

Selected high-quality cocoa powder, reduce sugar without reducing the sweetness, delicate and mellow.

Application: suitable for catering, baking, yoghurt, ice cream, nougat, chocolate, family DIY, leisure snacks and so on.


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