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Tiger celebrates Chinese New Year with great vigour, and all the snacks are ready to be launched.

After a hundred days of hard work by colleagues from different departments, Ronglida's "All You Can Eat" Snack Packs are finally ready to meet you.



Exquisite packaging, palm size, into the bag does not take up space, office hoarding a good choice.

The user-friendly drawer design contains easy pull-out tabs, so you can choose from a variety of eating styles.

Breakfast companion: soak milk with yoghurt, soulful way of eating, let you breakfast nutrition is not simple!

Afternoon tea, office snacks, shopping essential, light time companion, love is not simple.



Peng Peng Bean

The name is loud and clear, the culture of chocolate beans.

Chocolate-coated puffed grain core, crispy texture, rich chocolate, unforgettable brownie.

One bite, sweet and not sweet and greasy. Similar appearance, different core, rich wheat flavour, high fibre, low calorie, creating a new concept of puffed grain health.

Fang Xiaoqi



Interesting shape, tasty and fun.

Unique technology, same appearance, different taste. Sweet but not greasy, suitable for those who don't like sweet.

Pair it with a cup of espresso and enjoy the good time.

Super Kind Half Ball

The Super Kind Hemisphere makes your life super popular anytime, anywhere.

Imported South African blueberries, mellow and crunchy, suitable for both young and old.

Caramel biscuits, small and miniature in shape, are made with pure caramel syrup for a rich caramel flavour and crunchy texture. The unique recipe has just the right amount of cinnamon flavour. It can be described as a mouthful of caramel, swirling.

Resignation of the twilight Erl, smoke and fire year. The Spring Festival production is not sampling, thank you for fighting on the front line of all colleagues.

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, I wish you all the best in the new year of tiger, dragon and tiger, Fu Hu Shengwang, the year of the tiger.


Zhengzhou Ronlida Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Unit 2, Building 7, Enterprise Park, High-tech Zone, Zhengzhou, China (at the crossroad between the Science Avenue and the West Fourth Ring Road)

Contact: Nancy&Gawin
Tel: +86-18595881087

E-Mail: coofood@126.com

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